Rutgers New Brunswick/Piscataway Campus


Services Offered:



  • Evaluation and Consultation for Adults, Children, and Adolescents

    Our assessments typically consist of a comprehensive, semi-structured interview, questionnaire data, history review, and discussion with family members and current treatment professionals. This assessment typically lasts 3 one-hour visits, at the end of which diagnostic information and treatment recommendations are reviewed with the patient, and other treatment providers where applicable.



  • PTSD Program

    Assessment, consultation, and treatment services are provided to adults and children who have experienced trauma from military service, 9-11 terrorist attacks, auto accidents, rape, or natural disaster.  The Veteran Readjustment Program provides assessment and treatment for men and women who have served in US military conflict from World War II to Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).  Contracts with the NJ state and Federal Veterans Administrations allow the Anxiety Disorders Clinic to provide cost-free assessment and treatment to eligible veterans and their families.



  • Individual, Couples and Family Therapy for Anxiety and Mood Disorders

    Therapy is usually provided on a weekly basis, and is centered on identifying, understanding, and directly targeting symptoms of the various disorders.



  • Group Treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Adults

    This is a behavioral program for patients who have had some previous experience with exposure treatment for OCD. Patients meet on a weekly basis in groups of 4-6. Each patient is matched with a partner of similar difficulties, and practices behavioral strategies under the direction of a group therapist. This treatment is sometimes offered as an adjunct to individual therapy and typically lasts 8-10 sessions.



  • Support Group for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

     This group meets twice a month and is offered to both individuals with OCD, as well as their family and loved ones. Sessions are facilitated by a therapist, but are run by group members. This group provides a forum to discuss and process OCD challenges, as well as exchange information and provide support. Although there is no fee for this group, a voluntary contribution of $1.00 is suggested. (Click here for more about Support Group.)



  • Child and Adolescent Program for Anxiety Disorders

    Comprehensive services are offered for families with children suffering from anxiety disorders. These include individual cognitive behavioral therapy, parents support and training, and separate child and adolescent group treatments. Multi-factorial assessment and written evaluations are provided to both families and schools when applicable.



  • Social Skill Groups for Individuals with Austim Spectrum Disorder

This program focuses on helping individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders to develop skills and strategies that help them to navigate their social world.  The group format allows for practice opportunities to use new skills and the community on and around the Rutgers University campus is also often incorporated as a learning environment.  Social skills groups typically involve 3 to 8 participants who are matched based on age and areas of strength and need. Groups are weekly and generally involve an 8 to 12-week session.  Click for information on our current group offerings!

Summer Social Skills

Summer Parent Training Group